A list of things about me, and various opinions

Best reads

Books (mostly fiction)
A list of books I like, cumulative.

Short stories, essays, and articles
Here I link some of my favorite shorter readings.

A selection of standout comics and graphic novels.

Selected subreddits I suscribe to.

Personal pages
Sites of individuals I frequent or find interesting.

Original (nonacademic) writings

Various vigettes and poetry. Caution: may suffer from excessive cheese.

Unrealized work & worldbuilding
An ongoing work of fiction.

(Very) old essays and meditations on philosophy, history, and literature.

Design and code

Online Stroop task
A "color naming game", or Stroop task, created using ScriptingRT. If you want to run online studies that require more precise reaction time data, this is one way to do it. For demo purposes only.

A [sparsely populated, irregularly updated] personal subreddit with stylized theme for cataloging things of note. (CSS under construction.)


Movies & TV series
This is a comprehensive and frequently updated list.

These samples and playlists are neither comprehensive nor frequently updated.

Video games
Comprehensive but not frequently updated.

Board games
A personal ranking.

Odds and ends

Math, logic, & computer science
Neat things about the eponymous set.

Riddles & puzzles
Click here to read some (what I think are) clever puzzles.

Funny reviews & ads
A collection of funny online reviews and ads (featuring Amazon and others).

Words & etymologies of them
Periodically I keep track of interesting words and where they come from.

Assorted puns, some original.

Weird, obscure & otherwise fascinating Wikipedia entries
Down the rabbit hole we go.

Creatures of the abyss
Notes about animals that live deep in the ocean.

Societies and organizations

The Oyster Squadron
"A strange organization with questionable motives."

SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect)
Classified archives for the containment of anomalous entities.

University of Chicago Scav Hunt
"Microcosm of chaos."

The World Science Fiction Society
Folks behind the Hugo Awards.

Direct Relief
Humanitarian aid and relief

Open Source Initiative


Some photos from my life.

Interesting places I've been to or would like to go.

Fictional landscapes
Sorry for any copyright violations.

Cartographical creations of note.

Posters with nifty designs.

Sketches and illustrations
A collection of various notable drawings.