I'm a graduate student of marketing at Columbia University.

I enjoy many topics related to judgment and decision making. Here are a few questions I'm studying (broadly) at the moment:

Incentives, motivation, self-control:

When and how can cash or monetary rewards create "disincentives" that might adversely affect our decisions and behavior, including how hard we're willing to work?

What kinds of (noncash) rewards can improve, and sustain, motivation and habits?

When might people tend to overpersist (to their detriment)?

Social influence, information processing, preferences:

When are people more likely to accept and seek opinions from diverse sources (including others potentially very different from themselves) in predictions of preference?

How does consuming information in social contexts affect the way we process and digest content online, and what are ways to promote greater vigilance and fact-checking in these environments?

Financial decision making:

What are some ways to encourage the poor to make fewer financial decisions likely to hurt them in the longer run?

Curriculum Vitae

Here is a copy of my CV.